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Info about Wineries in Amelia, Nebraska, NE

There are 5 Wineries in or near Amelia, Nebraska NE.

Cedar Hills Vineyard & Gardens

Cedar Hills Vineyard & Gardens is located approximately 84 miles from Amelia. Visit Cedar Hills Vineyard & Gardens at 48970 375th Rd. Phone number: (308) 452-3181.
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Mac's Creek Vineyard

Mac's Creek Vineyard is located approximately 109 miles from Amelia. They're a really good Winery. Phone number: (308) 324-0440.
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Miletta Vista Winery

Miletta Vista Winery is located approximately 71 miles from Amelia. They're a really good Winery. Call them at (308) 754-4416.
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Millennium Wines Inc

Millennium Wines Inc is located approximately 113 miles from Amelia. If you need a good Winery near Amelia, contact Millennium Wines Inc. Call them at (308) 324-6094.
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Moonlight Ridge Vineyard

Moonlight Ridge Vineyard is located approximately 89 miles from Amelia. They are a nice Winery. Need to give Moonlight Ridge Vineyard a call? (308) 381-2337.
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