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Info about Wineries in Argyle, Minnesota, MN

There are 7 Wineries in or near Argyle, Minnesota MN.


MAPLE RIVER WINERY is located approximately 103 miles from Argyle. They are a nice Winery. Contact them at (701) 347-5900.

Maple River Winery

Maple River Winery is located approximately 103 miles from Argyle. Contact information: 4 Langer Ave N. Their phone number is (701) 347-5900.
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Red Trail Vineyard

Red Trail Vineyard is located approximately 106 miles from Argyle. Customers have good opinions about Red Trail Vineyard. You can call them at (701) 633-5392.
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Richwood Winery

Richwood Winery is located approximately 107 miles from Argyle. Join the group of happy customers of Richwood Winery!. Phone number: (218) 844-5990.
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Two Fools Vineyard & Winery

Two Fools Vineyard & Winery is located approximately 58 miles from Argyle. They're a decent Winery in Argyle. If you need more information, call them: (218) 465-4655.
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Vintner's Cellar

Vintner's Cellar is located approximately 105 miles from Argyle. A decent Winery, they're located at 2551 45TH St S. You can call them at (701) 356-4014.
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Winery is located approximately 104 miles from Argyle. They're one of the best in the area. Phone number: (701) 237-9463.
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